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Drip Bag Coffee – Wangi Tak Masam blend


Drip Bag Coffee – WTM(Wangi Tak Masam)

x10 12g Coffee ground in drip bag

Coffee Blend

Papua New Guinea, Brazil and Yunnan (100% Arabica)

Taste Profile

Nutty dark chocolate, light licorice


Medium dark

One box comes with 10 sachets available in online store at and walk in purchase available in Kuala Lumpur and Kota Bharu. We will deliver nationwide in Malaysia using courier service.

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Our Drip Bag coffee was inspired by our customers who enjoyed the convenience of our coffee without a coffee machine. Drip bag coffee is high quality coffee that comes with filter. Convenience and delicious – we made drip bag coffee to give you the best of both worlds.

Drip bag coffee is one of the easiest ways to brew fresh, flavorful coffee. Simply place a filter in your mug, and add hot water, and in a few minutes you have a delicious cup of coffee that’s never bitter, burnt or sour.

Have a Cup of Drip Bag Coffee in any time anywhere Drip bag coffee is a convenient filter coffee that allows you to have great quality coffee anytime anywhere.

You only need a cup and hot water and delicious cup of coffee is there for you. It is also healthier because the coffee is sugar free.
You can enjoy every moment of your life with your family. You can have your cup of coffee in the evening and still have great sleep. Wake up refreshed to a beautiful and healthy morning. No doubt, you are a busy person and you are rushing from one meeting to the other. You do not have time to make coffee in the office or even take time to have a cup of coffee at home. You will be exhausted because of the long work hours and you may end up having a cup of coffee in the afternoon. Have you ever thought that you could have a good cup of coffee anytime anywhere? You can have great quality coffee at home with Drip Bags. They are small in size but you can get the taste and flavor of a premium coffee. With this easy to use filter coffee you can get a healthy and delicious cup of coffee anytime anywhere.
Description: You can make a cup of coffee at the office or in the kitchen. No need to carry heavy coffee pots with you. The Drip Bags coffee can be used for both office and home use.

Recipe: (Drip bag coffee is also great with the following ingredients)

  1. Milk (fresh or UHT)
  2. Honey/Sugar
  3. Ice

How to make Drip bag coffee:

  1. Place coffee Drip bag in a cup
  2. Fill with hot water 
  3. Add milk, honey/sugar and ice (OPTIONAL)

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Click here to view video tutorial for drip bag coffee.



Additional information

Weight120 g
Dimensions10 × 12 × 10 cm