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About BIG CAT coffee

Cino Lim


Cino’s coffee journey started way back in 2012 when she won a latte art competition at the famed Knock Knock Café and that ignited her passion to attribute to the progress of this world of coffee.

She began offering her help in any way in any coffee competitions and championships in the country while simultaneously feverishly picking up skills and tips about her new passion.

Her reputation and passion earned a judge’s seat and since 2017, where she has been invited to be on the panel of judges:

This passion for coffee is what drove Cino to found BIG CAT coffee, aiming to help everyone in Malaysia ``Making Enjoyable Coffee``. It's her hope everyone will enjoy their coffee better by sharing her knowledge and provide better coffee products.
  • Sensory & Visual Judge – Food & Hotel Malaysia 2019 Barista & Latte Art Championship
  • Sensory Judge – Malaysia Open Barista Championship 2019
  • Judge – RAD Foundation Bartender Training Course 2018
  • Visual Judge – Latte Art Throwdown, Selangor International Business Summit 2018
  • Visual Judge – Malaysia Open Latte Art Championship 2017 & 2018
  • Sensory Judge – Malaysia Open Barista Championship 2017 & 2018
  • Sensory Judge – Battle of Barista Competition (Penang) 2017
  • Sensory Judge – Brewers KO Tournament 2017
  • Visual Judge – La Marzocco Latte Art Jam 2017