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Colombia Supremo


Colombia Single Origin Coffee

Roast: Medium, OMNI-Roast
Taste note: Medium Low Body, Medium Red Grape Acidity, Sweet, Cucumber, Chocolate

Species: 100% Arabica
Variety: Mixed


Grind Size:

Whole bean(Default) – You grind the coffee yourself.

Course ground coffee – Suitable for paper filter brewing such as, Hario V60, Syphon, Aeropress, Clever dripper, Percolator, french press, batch brewing

Fine ground coffeeFor Moka Pot, home use espresso machine

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Single origin coffee Colombia Supremo refers to the highest grade of traded Colombian coffee beans. The “Supremo” coffee designates a coffee bean size rather than a geographic region or farm.

Colombia is ranked as the 3rd largest coffee producing country in the world and is well known for its well accepted and cherished flavor profile.  They grow up to 11.5 million bags of coffee every year. They are able to produce such large quantities due to having some of the best climate for growing coffee all year round. Many farmers growing their coffee with volcanic soils also enhanced coffee quality tremendously.

Some coffee drinkers would associate Colombia coffee with a Juan Valdez, typically appears alongside his mule Conchita. The character is actually a fictional character designed by Doyle Dane Bernback ad agency since 1958 with the goal to distinguish Columbia coffee from other producing countries. Juan Valdez has since become an icon for Columbia coffees.

We omni-roasted this coffee beans to make sure you can brew it with any methods from espresso to filter. So feel free to try our coffee using all methods. For example Hario V60, Syphon, Aeropress, Clever dripper, Percolator, french press, Moka Pot, Drip bag, or espresso machine!

To learn how to brew at home, check out our tutorial videos here

This coffee profile also suitable for businesses. Contact us at or Whatsapp if you would like to use this coffee for your cafe, kiosk, and et cetera.

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Additional information

Weight200 g
Dimensions5 × 13 × 18 cm

200g, 1kg

Grind Size

Whole Bean, Coarse Ground, Fine Ground